He is married and has two children

He is married He is someone who has been in the world of Digital Marketing and Internet since 1999. As a freelancer, he offers services on topics such as SEO Consultancy, Social Media, Digital Reputation Management and Awareness Raising. His articles have been published in many local and foreign magazines and newspapers. Upon the invitation of Google, he participated in programs in Ireland in 2017, the United States in 2018, and Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands in 2019 as a Google product specialist. He currently answers questions on Google Türkiye Webmaster forums as a Product Expert.

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to reject or delete links and then click on the disallow links button. google-disallow-link In the second stage, we click on the Choose file button , select Russia Phone Number List our low-quality backlink list that we previously saved in a notepad file, and click send. google-link-rejection-tool-illustrated-explanation Yes, with Google disallow tools, it has given us a weapon against those who try to intervene from the outside and pull us down with low-quality links . It is certain that this tool will be useful in maintaining quality links. However, before doing these steps, please read the article several times if necessary, as I repeated above, and then start applying it.

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Download all links to your site from Google Search Console Identify any links you think are unnatural To block on a url basis, add the url assayfa and the Philippine Phone Number ones you want to reject on a domain basis as domain:reddedecek-site.com in a notepad file underneath. First of all, we go to the link rejection, that is, Google site links and link rejection page. Afterwards, we select the domain from which we want to reject links and click on the disavow button. Click the select file button in the window that follows.

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