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Update See Comments Below Recently Multiple Friends the Doorway Page Issue On Webmasterworld There Are Multiple Threads From Small Ecommerce Players Suggesting They Were Hit With the Doorway Page Issue Today We Received. Messages in Our Webmaster Tools Account for All but of Our Domains Indicating That Google Considers Them Doorway Pages. We Have Also Lost All of Our. Serps for Those Sites. Uncle_dk I Was Rather Disappointed to See That Before Banning the Site the Rater Visited a Very Drab and Ordinary Page on My Site. Not a Smoking Gun of Some Incriminating Evidence of a Hacker Breakin or Some Such I.

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Fact That They Visited One Page Only. Script Another Friend Today Told Me That One of Their Clients Runs Numerous Websites That All of the Sites in the Google Webmaster Tools Account Blew. Up Getting Hit With the. Doorway Page. Label and All Germany Phone Number List the Sites That Were Not in That Webmaster Tools Account Were Missed by the Google Engineers Like Almost Anything Else Google Offers Their Webmaster Tools Are Free Right Up Until. Google Changes Their Business Objectives and One of Their Engineers Decide That He Should Put You Out of Business. I Knew the Point of the Panda Update Was Not to Kill Content Farms but to Use.

Content Farms as a Convenient Excuse

Phone Number List

Thin the Herd of Webmasters Consolidate Markets. A Couple Obvious Tells on. That Front Were The Update Taking So Long to Happen The First Version of the Panda Update Embarrassingly Missing Ehow The Update Hitting So Many Small India Phone Number Ecommerce Websites Even as It Somehow Missed Ehow Part of the Brand Bias in Google Panda Allowed Corporate Branded Doorway Pages to Rank Higher Than Ever. Googles Solution to This Problem is Once Again to Punish the Victim Wiping Independent Webmasters Off the Web. What is the New Definition of Doorway Pages Pages on Nonbrand Websites That Are Not Owned by a Fortune.

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