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Before understanding core web vitals, it’s a good idea to first understand what web vitals are.

Web Vitals is a breakthrough step from Google in building a set of metrics to be used to measure several things that are considered important in providing a good user experience or user experience.

So what about core web vitals?

Core Web Vitals are metrics that are part of

, we can conclude that the number of web vital metrics is large. And some of them can be used as core or main metrics.

So we can conclude that core web Computer Programming Software Email List  vitals are the most important web vitals metrics.

Currently, the number of core web vitals (hereinafter we will call it CWV) there are 3 main metrics. However, this amount

may change in the future.

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Why is Core Web Vitals Important?
Google may conduct studies to understand how these metrics may affect users. From the results of the analysis that has been carried out on millions of page views.

Google found that when a website meets the CWB threshold, the likelihood that a visitor will leave the page can decrease by 24%.

Specifically, the results of the study also show CU Leads  that the same thing happened to news websites, namely a decrease of 22%. While in online stores by 24%. And from this to the reason how important those metrics are to the answer is because they can affect Google rankings.

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