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Call the Syndicate. Jason Jones the Syndicate. Interviewer What is That Do You Think Theres Five or or or Different Groups That Are Align Similarly to What You Mention and You Just Hon in on One Group or Do You Think That One Has More Reach Than the Others or Why So Much Focus on This One Group You Also Mention That It Seem Like Some of This Stuff Weaves Together. Can You Describe How That is Am I Mak Any Sense or Not Jason Jones Yeah. Youre Right. Its That I Focus on the Syndicate. But the Idea is That This Whitecollar Fraud Thats Go Down in All Different Formats Not Just the Internet in All Different Transmission Methods Theyre Us These Cartels.

The Cartel System is One of the

Key  Scams That You Can Look Up. You Get Close Enough and You Look Close at It a Key Feature is Cartels False Testimonial Keep People Out of the Market. Hav an roup and an Outgroup and a Secondary Tier Lieutenants. If You Look Close the Bolivia Phone Number List Organizational Structure is There to See Across All Different Forms of People. But I Just Focus in on the Syndicate Because Thats Where I Start. I Like to Say Ths That I Have Public That I Have Proof of That I Can Put Out There. Thats Just Hard to Come by. I Want to Finish That Story. The Syndicate is a Big. They Did Bigtime Damage. Theyre on These Audios.

That I Have All Over the Website

Phone Number List

Like Just Talk Openly About Violat the Laws and Theres S and S of Individual Stories of How These People Have Wreck Lives and Taken Millions of Dollars. And Im Go to Keep on It Until Someth Changes. Interviewer Why Would They Record Those Indonesia Phone Number Calls or How Would Those Calls End Up Record Then Like Were Record This One. Jason Jones Yeah They Record. They Like to. Theyre Narcissists. They Like to Hear the Sound of Their Own Voice and They Record Their Calls. They Record All Kinds of Ths They Should Not Be Record. Even After I Get Some of Those Records They Keep on Do It Because They Dont Learn Any Lessons Like the.

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