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What Happen to the Clicks and Where¬† They Go. I Just Control. I Get So Much More Information if Im Hold the Keys So… Interviewer How Do You Use Twitter Jason Jones It is an Afterthought. If Youre Spend More Than Half of Your Time on Twitter That Seems to Me Like a Waste Any of Them. Interviewer Have You Ever Thought About Creat the Ultimate Guide to Online Bait Not Debat but Bait Jason Jones No I Could. That is Someth I Have Expertise on. No. Because What Im Do Not to Be Immodest but Its for Professionals. You Have to Be Careful Talk Like That. If Youre Good Enough at Bait You Can Destroy Someone Thats Not.

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That Mostly to Yourself. Interviewer Do You Ever Find Yourself Read Comments on Youtube or Anyth Like to Perfect Your Craft Jason Jones to Pick Up Like Gibberishy Bits Laughter Jason Jones No. Youtube Comments Suck. Most People Are Czech Republic Phone Number List Really Bad at Bait. Youve Got to Be… Interviewer Yeah. Well Your Mom Jason Jones Oh You Destroy Me. Laughter Thanks Salty. Why You Should Use Multiple Web Analytics Tools Why Analytics Are So Important With Seo the Most Important Th to Track is Performance. Of Course the Bank Account Its Growth Rate is a High Level Track Mechanism but It is the Result of the Combination of Many Ideas.

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Multiple Market Strategies Traffic Streams. To Dig in Further on Whats Work Web Analytics Are Your Bread and Butter. They Dont Give You Aggregate Data or Could Be Data but Precisely and Exactly What is Happen on Your Sites Separat Saudi Arabia Phone Number Out What is Work From What is Not. Without Analytics You Are Fly Blind. Which is of Course Dangerous Rundancy for the Win Most Web Analytics Tools Are Either Good for Realtime Track or Offer Granular Historical Data. Few Tools Are Available at a Reasonable Cost and Great at Both. For That Reason I Prefer to Always Use at Least Web Analytics Tools. The Other Major Reason to Use Tools is to Have a.

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