New marketing strategies are always coming up, aren’t they? Content Marketing , Inbound Marketing , Performance Marketing … These strategies, in addition to indirectly helping the sales process, also help brands establish a relationship with their audiences and captivate them. Just as marketing has evolved rapidly over the years, the sales process has also developed at a rapid pace and, currently, there are several strategies to assist in direct sales. Among them, one that is quite in vogue is Multilevel Marketing. Have you heard about him? Multilevel Marketing is a sales methodology in which individuals market products or services in a reseller network format.

There is a certain prejudice around this practice

As those who do not know how it works tend to confuse it with a pyramid system, which basically consists of recruiting people “in chain”, very Advertising Advertising Agency Mailing List different from Multilevel Marketing. Do you want to understand how Multilevel Marketing works, its benefits, the differences between it and pyramid schemes and whether it is worth including it in your business? Follow this text until the end and find out! What is Multilevel Marketing Multilevel Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, is a sales model where the reseller maintains direct contact with the customer to market products or services. The dealer works for himself and recruits other dealers, creating a network in which he earns a share of the profits made by himself and his dealers.

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This business model was created in the 1940s

Where earnings were individual and by commission. Multilevel Marketing, in addition to generating sales, attracts new resellers to a company. It can also CU Leads be compared to a promotion opportunity: a salesperson becomes an assistant manager and, consequently, a sales manager; in this way, he magnifies his earnings. Some examples of companies that work with Multilevel Marketing are Mary Kay, Avon, Hinode and Herbalife, among others. How does Multilevel Marketing work? Remember the door-to-door sales technique of traditional marketing ? Companies that invest in Multilevel Marketing encourage sellers to form a network of other sales professionals so that they can market their products or services directly to customers, as “door-to-door” sales worked. Each seller, therefore, acts as a company distributor.

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