The most important thing for any business is, obviously, the sale of its products and services, isn’t it? Leveraging sales and winning customers is the desire of every entrepreneur and digital marketing helps a lot in this constant challenge. And, to achieve good results and guarantee profits, it is always necessary to think about the best strategies. As everything in digital marketing measur. The paths outline to achieve the defin objectives  closely monitor. Making sure that the campaigns developed are bringing the expected return is essential.

This is where the importance of analyzing the indicators

That are really relevant to a business comes in, to find out if the strategies carried out are performing well. And one of these metrics – by the way, very important – is the Customer Acquisition Cost, known as CAC. This metric translates how a business is Hong Kong Phone Number Data performing in financial terms and shows whether the efforts made by the Marketing and Sales teams are flowing. Want to know more about it? So follow this post until the end, we will give you all the details about CAC: what it is, its importance, how to calculate it and how it can bring more positive results for your business. After all, what is the Customer Acquisition Cost, the famous CAC? CAC actually shows how much a business is investing to acquire each new customer .

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It involves the work of a company’s Marketing and

Sales teams throughout the entire process of the consumer’s purchase journey (also known as “sales funnel stages”): from attracting visitors CU Leads to nurturing leads and closing the sale. purchase. CAC measures how much a prospect costs to convert into a customer. This cost calculat and clearly present. among those responsible for the company’s sales processes. To calculate the CAC, one must know, for example, how many customers the company can generate and what investment each step requires for this.

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