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Had to Develop an Expensive Video Footprint Technology to Adopt . And Build the Partnerships Google Has to Run Youtube Isnt Easy. They Pay Someth Like a Halfcent Per Video View if You Create a Site With a No Soup for You Message Like the Above Google Page for Markets Where the Finances Do Not Work Out Then You Are Violat Their Search Guidelines by Cloak Whereas Google Overlypromotes Youtube in the Search Results and is Free to Count Ad Views as Video Views Once Again Against Googles Guidelines. New Niche New Lawsuits Eric Schmidt Highlight How the Lobbyists Write the Laws Then Google Went Out and Hir Over a Dozen.

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Disintermiates Search Costs Google a Cut of Revenues. While Groupon is Still Unproven as a Business Model Google Was Will to Spend Billion to Buy It in Order to Avoid the Risk of Miss Out on a New Form of Local Ads. Mobile Search Now Russia Phone Number List Represents of the Search Market. To Look in Their Dominant Search Position Onto the New Devices Google Build a New Operat System to Give Away for Free Paid Carriers a Revenue Share in Addition to Giv It Away Likely Violat Oracle Patents That Will Likely Cost Them in the Bs Had Other Patent Issues Which Requir Google to Spend . Billion Buy Motorola That is Nearly of the Cash Google Has Built Up Through.

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History of the Company Sneaky Isps Rirect Search Traffic What is Worse for Google is in Spite Their Default Status Their Huge Ad Budget and Be Large Enough to Be Su Regularly Even All That Isnt Enough to Keep All the Traffic They Sweden Phone Number Pay for as There is Widespread Hijack of Search Traffic by Isp Providers. Google Isnt Passive but ___ is Google May Have Bit Off More Than They Could Chew Are Certainly Do Anyth but Be Passive. But Maybe Some Other Companies That Make Great Money Are Do So Passively. Offline That is Certainly True in Many Instances but Online Passive Companies Tend to Disappear. Look at All the Work Yahoo Has.

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