You can use the Eisenhower Matrix

As you prepare your calendar for the next day, it will save you a lot of time in the morning and ease your mind about making decisions. Allow the “urgent” to reach the “important”Distinguishing “urgent” from “important” is a .

to help you prioritize your tasks so you don’t let urgency take control of your schule. Take all your tasks and put them into four squares:To do first. These are the most important responsibilities that ne to be done today or tomorrow. Schule For important tasks that are not urgent, you can schule them on your calendar.

Wrong delegation Entrepreneurs

Delegate If there are essential tasks that Israel Mobile Number List are not important, you can delegate them to someone else . Don’t do them. Which tasks are not important or urgent? Cross these off your lists or add them to a “I’d like to do if I ever could” list.

A hands-on, but you don’t ne to be involv in every part of your business. Be aware of what’s going on, but keep your ego in check and delegate the right tasks to the right people.If you don’t have a staff, get outsourc service. For example,  assistant to manage your calendar, email, social mia account or blog. Personal assistants can also take care of personal work, recruiting and booking your flight and hotel for an upcoming business trip.

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Pride themselves on bein

Other time management articles. Y from CU Leads to hat one of the most common pieces of advice shar is to wake up early. Let’s say you wake up an hour earlier. You can use that time to review your calendar, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, read or clear your inbox without distraction.But here lies the problem. Setting your alarm for am is not about time management.

It’s about working at your peak productivity and setting aside time to focus on your priorities. Think this way. If you are a person who likes to work at night.

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