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With perfectly for months on end but still have days that I’m moody, sad or low. All humans on the planet – mental health issues or not – have up days and down days. So please remember that and don’t assume it’s because I am having a BPD ‘episode’! Again these few things are from my own experience. They may not be true for ever single sufferer out there. But I bet even one or two might help you in being the best friend you can be to those going through some difficult times. The bottom line, I think is that friendship is about listening and being there for one another.

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Mental health issues or not! Be kind always, Love Amy xxx Reproduced with permission, originally published There’s one thing that Ghana Email Lists anyone suffering from a mental illness needs, and that is love and support. It’s not always easy to love people when they don’t love themselves, but despite often feeling the contrary, there is almost always someone who wants to be there for us. We’ve all seen lists of things not to say to someone battling with a mental illness and sometimes you might feel scared, confused and unsure of what you can say and do to help.

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Maybe you feel hopeless and powerless, b all from CU Leads to ere are actually so many tiny things that can mean the absolute world to someone suffering. It is often the small things that can make such a monumental positive impact, just as it’s often the small negative things that can feel like enormous weights . ‘What do you need?’ So we asked the in community to let us know what they would like someone to say to them. What’s important to remember is that every person is different, deals with things differently and needs different things at different times.


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