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Screenshot image Automatically generat description The Header section is right below your name . If you have a profile in several languages, don’t forget to set this section to other language options. What header to enter? Bet on specific keywords, just like with SEO search. Enter passwords that clearly identify who you are. Make it easy for the user to find you. Give up high-flying slogans such as “I will help you develop your business”. This is a promise that you often cannot keep.

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Instead, write some specifics in your passwords (up to characters), LinkIn Training | Marketing Strategy | CSR – it’s characters, so you still have a lot of possibilities. The most important thing is to be found, and despite the growing popularity of the so call. Long tail in search, specific keyword queries reign on LinkIn. Stick Latest Mailing Database to this specifics section. If you sell insurance policies, your headline might look like this Insurance | Life Insurance | Car Insurance | Home insurance You may not be able to create good keywords the first time. Do some tests and reace them every weeks.

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See if the number of views of your profile and contact with you will change. Pro Tip – when creating a good headline, consider whether Does it clearly state what you do? Is it easy and logical to find Is it spell correctly? Information tab, praise and encourage further interaction . Building a personal brand on LinkIn is a real  challenge. As with a resume, the space to introduce yourself, tell your story, and get found is not being us to its full potential. This is the Information section (I often call it a personal statement). This part, depending on your purpose of “being” on LinkIn, should CU Leads say as much about you as possible . Why is this often an overlook section? Often out of laziness.

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