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Read  Here is the panorama of INSTAT on unemployment. According to the conduct studies, it results that in the last five years thousand Albanians have graduat in all levels of higher ucation.

What has been clearly observe is that the interest in a professional school has dropp significantly. TIDINGS Updat on: Neada Mucaj ~ minutes of reading Jeff Bezos has announc Amazon’s newest project,  billion airport in Ohio. For the period January – April , , taxpayers chang their status from passive to active.

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According to the Associat Press, this space is Denmark Mobile Number List similar in size to the global distribution centers of the largest airlines.Amazon agre to a -year lease for more than acres of Kentucky Northern Kentucky International Airport in .

Amazon plans to take control of the delivery process by becoming more reliable and breaking away from companies like UPS, FEx, or USPS, to up the delivery of the most important materials.”This center will get orders to the customer faster We’re going to move Prime from two-day (delivery) to one day, and this center will play a big role in that,” Bezos said.

This is expect to open in creating , jobs at the TIDINGS Updat on: Ornel Trupje ~ minutes of reading Comparing the data for the last two years,with passive status.

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There are two ways to go to this stat from CU Leads to  requests the suspension of activity at the KKB counters Taxpayers who fulfill the legal condition according to Article , letters “a” and “b” do not exercise economic activity for months or are non-declarants for periods.

to passive status. It turns out that for both of these cases, there are fewer taxpayers who have request the suspension of activity in the CCA in than in the same period of . While the taxpayers who have switch to passive status electronically from the system itself, are less in.

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