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Interest on Money There is Some Theory That the Capital Markets Are More Efficient if They Are Tax Lower That Makes the Rest of Society More Efficient but That Theory Fell Flat on Its Face When the Us Government Shovel Trillions of Dollars Into the Banks None of the Bankers Went to Jail Even Though Some of Them Have Stat Before Congress That They Knew of Their Product Was Defective. Go Long Fraud the Government is Aig Was Nearly Bankrupt From Insur Mortgageback Securities That Were Misrepresent Which Was of Course Yet Again Fraud Thus Illegal. Aig Fac Bankruptcy Was Not Allow Access to a Taxpayerfund Bailout Unless It Waiv Its Rights to Sue the.

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Government Decid That Aig and Taxpayers Should Have Their Rights Wav So That They Can Funnel Money Into Criminal Bank Enterprises Does It Matter That Many Government Regulators Were Former Employees of Aigs Hungary Phone Number List Counterparties If a Certain Class of Individual is Inherently Destabiliz Then Why Other Than Fraud Do We Keep Doubl Down on Hop That Group of People Will Eventually Change Their Approach Even as We Shield Them From the Negative Consequences of Their Own Actions by Mak Everyone Else Foot the Bill We Block Them Off From the Market Feback Mechanisms We Pride.

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Yet if Their Failure Causes Anyone Else to Fail We Claim That It Was a Combination of Free Market Forces and an Individuals Lack of Performance That is to Blame for Their Own Plight. Sure Some Industries Get Disrupt but When One Industry India Phone Number Goes Down Another Rises Up. Not With the Bank Fraud Though It is Just an Acrosstheboard Kick in the Nuts to Almost Every Nonbanker at the Exact Same Time. Since Our Monetary System is a Debtbas System One Persons Savs is Back by Another Persons Debt Thus Most People Are Requir to Live Pretty Close to Paycheck to Paycheck. Yet It is Consider Totally Reasonable for the.

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