Plunder Becomes a Way of Life

End Job at Dysfunctional Corporations. Now You See It Now You Dont Most People Cant See What They Are Miss Out on So They Wont Know but as Tim Wu Put It So Eloquently in the Master Switch the Same Was True for Att When It Held Back Innovations Like the Answer Machine What Ultimately Came to Be the Www. What Sort of Price Do You Put on Email Tak a Decade Longer to Launch How Many Other Disruptive Changes Built Off of Incremental Improvements Will Never Appear Because They Simply Werent Large Corporate Enough to Compete on Googles Web The Web Was Great Because It Offer Someth Different. Unfortunately You Have to Search Us Someth.

Other Than Google to Find It

Sustainability When  for a Group of Men Liv Together in Society They Create for Themselves in the Course of Time a Legal System That Authorizes It and a Moral Code That Glorifies It. Freric Bastiat Business Ethics Vs Sustainability The Guatemala Phone Number List Concept of Business Ethics is Usually a Selfserv Approach to Market. Some People Would Rather Make Money Dishonestly Than Honestly Gett Satisfaction Out of Screw People Over Hi Andy but Gray is a Broad Spectrum. To Focus on Ethics is to Allow Relative Justifications Miss the Broader Issues. Likewise Additional Layers of Complexity Promot More Rules Incentives Over Wisdom.

Ultimately Destroys the

Phone Number List

Skills and Will to Develop Legitimate Leadership. Rather Than Add Additional Layers of Complexity What We Should Ask is Is What We Are Do Sustainable or is It Not That Which Can Not Be Sustain Wont. Eradicat Poverty Opportunity As the German Phone Number World Has Grown Richer Poverty Should Eventually Disappear However It Isnt. The Public Claims From the Us of Support Spread Democracy Are Inconsistent With Block the Ability of a Hatian to Earn a Livable Wage. The Obama Administration Pressur Haiti Not to Raise Its Minimum Wage to Cents an Hour. How is That for Leftlean Altruistic Behavior While Fund a Large Imperial Army That Blows Trillions of Dollars on.

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