Get to know the new machines for the packaging

Guillermina Garcia Guillermina Garcia MAY 13, 2021 printer-heidelberg Share The Heidelberg XL 106 printer and the BOBST Visioncut 106 LER die-cutter are the new machines from Alzamora Packaging. Which have already been installed and are operating in total normality since last April. These machines have significantly improved their level of quality and productivity. Optimizing your delivery time and being much more efficient in the supply chain. For Josep M. Berga, General and Commercial Director of Alzamora Group, “both Heildelberg and Bobst are well recognized and positioned worldwide. With constant innovation that allows us to be at the technological forefront.

What do machines offer to the packaging sector?

The Heildelberg XL 106 printer is certified to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standard . In such a way that they guarantee the development of sustainable production and a reduction in CO2 emissions. With this new printer, the company can print up to 18 thousand sheets per hour, improving production, but consuming less. He said innovation across both brands is advancing rapidly Industry Email List in terms of sustainability. Well, thanks to “ecological technology ”, its energy consumption will be greatly reduced, in accordance with European regulations. die cutter-visioncut.

In addition to the double quality control that the machine

offers : a rigorous review of the client’s original document, using 4K cameras, along with exact color control. In the packaging sector, offset is the printing system par excellence . It provides higher printing quality compared to large formats, thanks to the use of conventional or stochastic screens. In that sense, the executive said that “two very important factors to meet the high levels of demand that certain clients require. “In sectors CU Leads such as cosmetics, spirits, pharmacy or even tobacco accessories, a high level of printing quality is needed.” For this reason, the cardboard packaging company also claims to have made.

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