I was looking for an article like this and I came

But occasionally commenting under a popular video or article related to your topic will not be spam. This is an extremely natural behavior. Just don’t pretend that you are getting backlinks with keywords. It is very natural for people to know that there is that text there too and to show it to them. I repeat again and again that this should. Be done as naturally and minimally as possible. If doing so will not benefit you in terms of traffic, there is no need to do it from there. Best regards Selim Aydin 9 April 2017 at 15:29 – Reply Hello, since I am not knowledgeable about SEO, I bought a cheap backlink package thinking it would contribute to the rankings.

Looking at the advertisement of the backlink package

I bought it thinking that it would be one of the quality sites, but after the work was completed, I saw that the promotional article, and therefore my Austria WhatsApp Number List site address, was published in the form of a link network on around 150 sites filled with promotional articles, only for those who bought the backlink package like me. In short, I got backlinks from worthless sites. When I researched a little more, I saw that those sites were indexed by Google. I realized what a big mistake I made.

I asked the person who conducted the study

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Cancel the study, that is, to delete the promotional. Articles, and he stated that this process could be perceived as anti-SEO. Thinking that. I would Switzerland Phone Number List make a profit from the loss, I still asked him to remove it and he did, but those promotional articles and backlines do not appear to be active at the moment, but I can see some of them as “removed” in some search tools. Whois query, analysis, what is the website value, backlinks are still active on foreign query sites such as redirect.

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