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However these We will talk about longtail keywords that can get faster results. Have lower competition. And whose traffic should not be underestimated. What is the keyword. It refers to the words with which a sector or service can be easily. Expressed and with which words. It can be searched in search engines. Using keywords correctly is one of the factors that direct SEO success. What is keyword competition in SEO. By evaluating. The SEO difficulty of a word along with its search volume. The competition of that word is determined. The ideal thing is to be successful in words with high search volume.

We should use short and understandable sentences

it is necessary to try to be successful in long-tail words first. Again, finding words with high search volume and low competition will make Canada WhatsApp Number List your job easier. Why is it important to find low competition words? What we mean by low competition is SEO competition, not advertising competition. It is important to find words and phrases with medium or high search volume.  It will be easier to produce studies. That can yield results in the short term. I don’t have any budget to do SEO for words like skin care, diet list, etc.

We must write in accordance with the rules

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competition and high search volume. By capturing 5 key keyword groups like this and creating content related to them, we can naturally capture China WhatsApp Number List monthly skin care results. Let me tell you, the harmful effects of juniper. If I find and translate this topic from sites abroad, I will naturally gain visitors. And I won’t have a penny out of my pocket. The negative aspects of this system in my opinion are; It requires research to identify unopened topics and find words with low competition and high search volume.

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