Over the years, many things change in our lives, don’t they? Our thoughts, relationships, jobs… And speaking of jobs, the job market has also changed – and continues to change –, even more so with the arrival of the pandemic, in 2019/2020: new models and forms of hiring, and other skills have emerged became required. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has greatly altered relationships in the work environment, directly impacting productivity and business results. The home office format , for example, made functions more individualized, among other consequences, and contact between employees was greatly affected. In this context, an important topic to be taken into account by leaders and managers within organizations is interpersonal relationships.

Maintaining good relationships at work makes daily

Tasks flow better, making the environment more pleasant and improving the team’s productivity. Do you want to know more about how to invest in interpersonal relationships in the work environment? Keep following this text. What is the interpersonal relationship at work? Interpersonal relationships involve interaction and bonding between two or more people, in different contexts. In the work environment, it is a practice that requires support and collaboration; after all, when there is cooperation and harmony, the organizational climate is much better and tasks are performed more easily. Human beings are naturally sociable creatures who seek to relate and have positive interactions. Good relationships provide good experiences in different situations, in addition to mitigating difficulties. And this happens in both fields: personal and professional.

Self-awareness first Before knowing how to relate to others

it is important to understand that, in order to develop positive interactions, one must first have a good relationship with oneself. The relationship CU Leads with our own feelings and emotions is reflected – and a lot – in the interaction with others. Self-knowledge enables the individual to know how to react to other people’s actions in different situations. Knowing how to manage personal issues – such as self-esteem, self-control and self-motivation – will help in good coexistence, both in the social environment and in the work environment. Tips for improving interpersonal relationships at work In order for the interpersonal relationship in the work environment to be as harmonious as possible, it is necessary to implement follow-up and improvement actions. Check out some of them: Trust Trust is the foundation of any relationship. In work relationships it is no different. When the employee trusts his team and other colleagues, a powerful bond is created, and communication between all takes place effectively.

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