The advancement of technology has brought significant changes to society, whether in common day-to-day activities, whether at work, in studies or in the way we relate to each other. Social issues have also come to the fore and have become important and relevant topics addressed in 2022, such as mental health, the post-pandemic world , possibilities offered by the internet , remote work , online classes, and environmental issues, among others. Nowadays, companies, regardless of the segment .Have shown themselves more participative in relation to social issues. Such as sustainability and socio-environmental responsibility. Which are increasingly debat due to the growing environmental problems in the world.

The need for sustainable practices and the importance of

Respecting and preserving the environment is an issue. That is being taken into account by society. As a result, consumers have become aware Kuwait Phone Number Data of environmental issues and have started to demand that brands also do the same and that . They start looking for alternative sustainable means, demonstrating that they are ecologically correct in their business. All this is involved in a recent strategy: Green Marketing. Want to know more about this subject? Follow this text until the end and find out why this strategy is so important today and why your company should also invest in it.

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What is Green Marketing

Green Marketing, also known as environmental marketing, ecomarketing or ecological marketing, is a strategy that prioritizes sustainable and CU Leads ecological actions that benefit the environment, demonstrating the concern of companies with “green” attitudes. And that means more than transmitting an image of ecological awareness: it means investing in means that use sustainable solutions in their products and services. With the increasing demand from consumers for taking responsibility for environmental issues. Green Marketing emerged as a way to respon to the population’s expectations and. In this way, companies position themselves as ecologically responsible. Having sustainable attitudes with actions aim at the environment.

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