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For example a site you created in Turkish. You can manage your site in many languages ​​using the same management panel by adding the language you want and translating the contents into those languages. There are two options when using multilingual WordPress. The first is to make your site multilingual with plugins that use the automatic Google translate system. The second is to make your manual translations multilingual with plugins designed to be used on the site (such as,/en). We will explain both methods for you here.

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That come to mind when it comes to ranking high in search results is the naturalness and quality of the backlinks given to your site from other sites. Obtaining quality, authoritative and free backlinks also increases the search engine success Italy WhatsApp Number List of your site. Promotional articles, which have been the most preferred site-wide backlinks in recent years, should also be discussed within the same subject. Promotional articles taken from news and blog sites can yield successful results if the right strategy is followed. Apart from this, there is a high possibility that it may even cause damage to your site.

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Article for detailed information on this subject . What is backlink? Reference links from one website to another website are called backlinks. It is divided into 3 types: Text Link, Image Backlink and Naked Backlink. It also has two attributes: nofollow Italy Telegram Number List and dofollow backlink. Promotional articles and comments from quality and authoritative blogs, news sites, directories or links from quality sites have a real impact on your site. If the right choice is not made, it will harm your site rather than benefit it. It will result in results such as loss of ranking in search results and manual processing.

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