After knowing how much the price

The price itself is cheap, from the Charming package the monthly price is IDR 10,900/month. This cheap hosting price is already 72% off. So for the Awesome package, it’s enough for Rp. 26,900/month with a 68% discount. Actually there are other packages that we can choose from, but here I will show the popular packages. Both have differences in terms of space or storage capacity. There are also other packages that suit the needs of your website.

for hosting is like an online kiosk, we must first know how much the domain costs for our website. I liken this domain to the address of our kiosk, so the domain price is offered from IDR 11,000 to IDR 270,000. Actually, we can buy a domain anywhere that provides domain and hosting services, but of course you need to choose a domain provider that is cheaper than the others. Where else if not at Apart from being cheap, the service provided is very good, up to 24 hours.

Lots of Discounts and Promos

Many Promos
lways provides attractive promos every month apart from that also at certain moments. Now friends who want to buy hosting or website creation support Jewelry Stores Email List  services, just visit the website and you will surely find attractive promos.

Many Choice of Website Themes

Industry Email List

Many Choice of Website Themes
With the WordPress platform, you can take advantage of the themes that have been provided for free. You definitely don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a website, do you?don’t need to think about coding, databases, views, and so on, it’s enough fnth including free domain and CU Leads  hosting forever. Did you know that the website is also a company with itself is a website that serves the creation of online store websites, you know. Those of you who want to create your own online store, please visit .

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