First Off It is a Much Better Looking

This Impacts the Search Results in a Couple Ways  Design. In the Past When the Search Results Would Move Up and Down With Google Instant It Really Felt Like a Hack Rather Than Something You Would See on the Leading Internet Companys Main Website. Now With the Results Fixed It Feels Much Cleaner Much More Well Put Together. The More Stable Basic Layout of the Serp Will Allow Google to Integrate Yet More Vertical Data Into It While Making It Still Look Feel Decent. Google May Have Localized Search Suggestions the Organic Results for a Significant Period of Time but the Combination of Them With This New Layout.

Where the Search Results

Dont Move Feels Much More Cohesive. To Get the White Space Right on the New Layout Google Shifted From Offering Instant Suggestion to . The Google Instant Results Dont Disappear Unless You Hit Enter but Because the Interface Doesnt Change France Phone Number List Move There Isnt as Much Need to Click Enter. The Search Experience Feels More Fluid. The Horizontal Line Above the Search Results and the Word Search in Red in the Upper Left of the Page is Likely to Pull Some Additional Attention Toward Googles Vertical Search Features Helping Google to Collect More Feedback on Them and Further Use That User Behavior to Create a Signal to.

Drive Further Integration

Phone Number List

Of the Verticals Into the Regular Organic Search Results. On the Flip Side of This in the Past the Center Column Would Move Up Down While the Right Column Would Remain Stationary So I Would Expect This to Slightly Diminish Right Column German Phone Number Ad Clicks That Appeared at the Top Even When the Organic Results Moved Downward While Boosting Center Column Clicks to Offset That. In the Past When Google Instant Would Disappear From View That Would Pull the Center Column Organic Results Up a Bit. This Alwayson Bar Shifts the Pixels Above the First Search Result From About to …so Roughly Pixels Downward. As a Baseline a Standard Organic.

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