With this information in hand

You can describe the strategy persona, which summarizes your ideal customer’s profile, interests, needs, and behaviors. This persona is a picture of the person your content should aim to reach. Planning your content Data analysis helps you understand what people are searching for on the Internet. Google searches reveal users’ search intentions and topics you can address in your content to meet them. In this way, data helps you find out what type of content is more likely to attract interest and traffic. Moreover, if you deliver good content that answers users’ questions, you have a great chance of achieving good positions on Google.

Mapping the content channels

Data analysis also shows which channels are best for Brazil Data publishing and promoting content, such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram and email. The persona may pass through several channels along the buyer’s journey. So, it is important to understand which platforms are used during this journey to lead the persona to the purchase. That way, you can produce more compelling content for each channel and each stage. Monitoring competitors and promoting benchmark Data also serves to keep an eye on what’s going on around your company. Content competitive analysis helps you map out competitor strategies, learn what’s going well, and inspire new content ideas.

Besides you can also monitor

Phone Data

your position in the market. With an SEO analysis, you Brazil Phone Number can find out who is competing with your brand for Google results, for example. Then you can analyze the strategies and plan what you need to do to conquer your space. Identifying seasonality One of the most critical missions of data analysis is to identify behavior patterns. Among thousands and thousands of users, you can notice that the interest in a specific subject increases according to the seasons. Interest in topics related to the Olympic Games, for example, has a clear tendency to grow every four years.

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