Why Can Bitcoin Replace Fiat Money

Bitcoin is not just a cryptocurrency. This is a way to make transactions that allows. You to exclude all intermediary financial institutions from the chain of relationships.

The system that became the ancestor of the whole industry and the technology thanks to which we got the opportunity to manage our finances as we wish, without regard to the policies of banks or governments.

Bitcoin is often about as an easy way to launder money. Like a dirty currency in the distribution of drugs, the sale of stolen goods, or in the arms trade. Bitcoin is  with financing. The activities of terrorist groups, paying for kidnappings, and even murders, and. They also say that bitcoin may disappear . But for some reason, everyone always forgets to mention that, to this day, the good old dollar does an excellent job with all these tasks .

Maybe It’s Not About the Currency

Today, I would like to focus your attention on the bright side of the first cryptocurrency. After all, there are people for whom the brainchild left to. Us by the mysterthe Asia Mobile Number List soleious satoshi nakamoto has become a chance for salvation, a real symbol of freedom. A ray of hope that can feed the needy and not allow them to break under the pressure of political regimes ruining the country.

In the border area of ​​cucuta, streams of. Venezuelan refugees are trying to cross to colombia. Inflation above 1.000.000% has the national currency into useless garbage, forcing desperate. People to search for food in order to feed themselves and their families.

Politicians Are Ruining the Economy

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Living under the yoke of an authoritarian regime, venezuelans are simply unable to agitate for changes in the country for fear of being . People are to silently watch how all their savings are rapidly turning to dust.

The example of venezuela – how bitcoin  save money
In an attempt to save their money, many venezuelans have turned to bitcoin. Thanks to the cryptocurrency, these people got a chance not only to save their funds from inflation, but were also able to get rid of strict financial monitoring by the authorities.

The venezuelan regime closely monitors money coming from CU Leads to use a bank for foreign transactions, in which they have to disclose information about who the money was received from and where it was then spent.


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