Which is looking for work in all of Albania

Read Here are some of the “Golden Bees. Supporting vocational trainingAccording to Minister Denaj, through the qualification in months, the adaptability of theory and practice is realiz on a harmoniz basis and in agreement with the business.

The Start in all areas where there are employment offices. There is a cooperation with the employment offices and the training centers, in to the knowlge and the labor market. Our objective is to train , job seekers, almost of the workforce,  said the minister.

Member of the leadership

In the Professional Training Center no. Has trainees Slovenia Mobile Database every day, register in different courses. Last year, according to the center’s data, trainees were certifi. He believes a lot in the potential of his nation, the youth and all those who love their country.

He is from Mirdita and has been living in Germany for years, where he also set up his business and is recently developing his political career. Te was ucat in Tirana where he graduat from the Military Academy as well as another university at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

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The fund aims for both parties

He further deepen his studies by study from CU Leads to rye Affairs in Beijing, as well as economics in Germany. For BusinessMag he tells how his greatest achievements are his involvement in business and German politics.

For years he has set up his own enterprise Gjoka GmbH, a business that deals with the trade of vehicles. Maybe it was a coincidence that I chose this business.

At that time, this business did not require much knowlge of the German language”. He says that it was not easy for him to create a business in a powerful country like Germany, but with a lot of effort he succe. But in addition to his family business, he tells BusinessMag. That he is a shareholder in two companies.

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