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 in Podcast videoinpost Don’t just

point and shoot: are your video campaigns  Security Privacy Policy Terms of Service  backed up by data Image by J. Sawkins via Flickr. How can you make your marketing videos delightful while still reaching your business goals In this episode of the Call to Action podcast . ’s Dan Levy talks to Jennifer Pepper (’s Customer Success Content Strategist) about this tricky task.


 They dive deep into the importance

of a data-driven approach to video marketing campaigns . and share some tried-and-true storytelling methods that’ll give your videos that extra kick. Listen to the podcast Listen on iTunes. features. But with a new department comes new responsibilities. Felix: I kind of realized okay . I really gotta start making use of data.


 As creative people . we kind of tend to not think of data as much; we just think about how it’s gonna look . how is it gonna feel . how is it gonna affect our audience. But I am trying to learn how ’s marketing actually works and how it’s been . Doing and where we are going to actually better understand okay .


 how can videos or anything

I make contribute to the This prevents breakage campaigns. Sothat’s like the new challenge. Because I don’t have a marketing background; I’ve been just making videos on my own a lot of the time. And to actually try to learn what marketing is and how we can take data and lessons from those campaigns and bring it back into the creative part of it is – it’s a new challenge but it’s really exciting.

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 Stephanie: I’m Stephanie Saretsky

and this is Call to Action . ’s podcast  about The more you shop the more you save  doing marketing better. In this episode . we’re tackling a conundrum that it seems a lot of marketers are facing: getting started on producing cool and delightful video marketing that also achieves tangible business goals. Luckily . we knew just who to talk to.


 Jennifer: I’m Jennifer Pepper and I’m

the Content Production Manager for the Customer Education team. Stephanie: ’s Content Strategist . Dan Levy . spoke with Jen about the importance of data driven video marketing and the different methods of video storytelling that she wrote about in a post for the blog: “Don’t Bother Using Video on Your Landing Pages Unless You’re Doing These Things.


” Dan: Video marketing .

eh Jennifer: Oh . yeah. Dan: What’s the deal with video marketing Jennifer: It’s hot . Dan . it’s hot. Dan: I’ll rephrase that for you. Video is . I feel like . one of these things that we all have the sense we should be using more in our marketing because we know the stats about engagement and that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.





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