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Facing on the Content Quality Front is the Incentive Structure. They Have Got That Wrong for a Long Time Now. They May Think That These Big Changes Are Motivating People to Improve Quality but Realistically the Lack of Certainty is Prohibiting Investment in Real Quality While Ramping Investment in Exploitation. How Can Anyone Invest Deeply Over the Long Term in a Search Ecosystem Where Google… Competes Against Advertisers in the Ad Auction Hosts Content That They Automatically Preferentially Insert Into Their Search Results Actively Invests in Companies That Arbitrage Their Search Results and Considered Running an Seo Firm Google Would Spin.

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Only One Major Force Inside of Google Hated the Plan. Guess Who Larry Page. According to Our Source Larry Tried to Sell the Rest of Googles Executive Team on Keeping Performics. He Wanted to See How Those Things Work. He Wanted to Malaysia Phone Number List Experiment. The Problem With That is That Most Honest Economic Innovation Eg Not Just Exploitation Comes From Small Businesses. Going Into Peak Cheap Oil Where Food Riots Are Becoming More Common Pensions Are About to Blow Up We Need the Kings of Information to Encourage Innovation Rather Than Relying on Doing Whatever is Easy Trusting.

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Retarding Risk Taking From Investment in Start Ups. In Some Markets Being Successful Means Staying Small Building Deeper Into a Niche and Keep Adding Value Until You Have a Strong Position. However Some Ecommerce Sites That Were Mexico Phone Number Not Associated With Big Brands Were Torched by the Panda Update. Betting on Brand As Google Has Tilted Their Algorithm Toward Brand Some Ecommerce Companies That Focused on Winning Relevant Niches Are Now Watering Down Their Competitive Advantages by Betting the Company on Brand Csn Stores is Today Consolidating Its Shopping Sites Into a Single Ecommerce Website Under.

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