Common Misspells is a Much Smarter

You Dont Rank High in the Organic Search Results Buy Adwords Ads on Idea. For Instance I Think This is a Smart Ad Buy by Agoda. However in the Longrun if I Ran Agoda I Would Point a Few Misspell Links at My Website to Boost My Ranks for Common Misspells. One Way to Reach Misspells and Longertail Searches for Your Brand is to Use an Embd Match Where You Bid on Agoda and Then Use Agoda as a Negative Keyword. Brand is Shar by Multiple Companies Merces Benz is Burn a Bit of Their Ad Budget by Advertis Where They Are Irrelevant. Certainly It Makes Sense for Them to Buy Exposure for the Brand.

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Examples They Should Put Kston as a Negative Keyword. When Google Runs Negative Ads In Some Cases Google Ads Promote Negative Messag. For Instance While Us Gmail I Saw an Ad Suggest That I Should Uninstall Mcafee in a Computer Thailand Phone Number List That Did Not Even Have It. Buy Brand Ads in Those Cases Would Likely Make Sense if for No Other Reason to Compete With Block Out Risky Negative Ads That Could Go Viral. Whether Google Should Even Allow Such Ads is Another Question for Debate. Big Money Markets Full of Spam Google Was Recently Clipp by the Doj for a Halfbillion Dollars for Runn Illicit Ads Promot Canadian Pharmacies.

The Doj Went So Far as

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Highlight That Larry Page Knew What Was Go on Intentionally Allow These Ads to Run Mr. Neronha Said Those Efforts Amount to Windowdress Allow Google to Continue Earn Revenues From the Allegly Illicit Ad Sales Even as It Profess to Be USA Phone Number ak Action Against Them. Google Employees Help Undercover Justice Department Agents in the St Operation Evade Controls Design to Stop Companies From Advertis Illegally He Said. Suffice It to Say That This is Not Two or Three Rogue Employees at the Customer Service Level Do This on Their Own Mr. Neronha Said in an Interview. This Was a Corporate Decision to Engage in This Conduct.

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