Money is an Intermediary for the Exchange of Goods

But as a medium of exchange, the value of one has been by that of the other. This completes the process. It is a social process, an act of accomplishing the social exchange of goods, and is therefore absolutely necessary in a given context. Since the gold coin only plays an intermediary role in this process, it can be by a social (state) token. When currency is used as a means of payment, one value is  and another value is directly.


A goods without acquiring a socially significant equivalent, money or other equivalent goods, would render the use of money redundant in this act of exchange. All he got was the buyer’s promise to pay, no social security backing, but just the buyer’s private guarantee. It’s everyone’s private business that he broke his promise to ship.

The fact that the seller gives up his

Wait until it comes to be sure, it has to be . At the same time, however, he gave up the goods in exchange for a promise to pay, a “promissory note.” If others in turn believe that the note will be redeemed, they can accept it in exchange for goods.


The note thus serves as a medium of exchange or means of payment among those who accept the promise of payment at face value, and these are bound only by personal, though in most cases well-found Bahamas Mobile Number List In short, it functions like currency, credit currency. All these acts of exchange can only be done clearly and unambiguously in this cycle when credit money is into real money.

information, what is the best strategy to follow?

Receive Dividends and Sell
The strategy is to buy stocks before the market closes, a so-dividend cut. Get the money, and wait for it to rise again before selling it. This does not mean that you need to buy at the last moment before the cut-off, it is best to buy in a month or so before the stock price is too high.

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A brokerage account

positive side
as mentioned earlier, securities can be sold and the money to increase capital. For example, buying securities that have not yet been paid out, or investing in from CU Leads to less risky assets.
Funds are . They can also be to increase your capital.

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