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Over the Past Month Before the Recent Rally and Half of What Was Left Was Cash on the Books. Part of Aols Recent Stock Price Recovery is From Them Announc a Stock Buy Back. Yahoo is Basically Valu at When You Back Out Their Cash on Hand Investments in Foreign Assets. Why Cant the Portals Grow Part of the Lack of Growth in Ad Budgets for the Large Portals Comes Down to Hype Around Mobile Which is Now of Search Ad Clicks Facebook Social Mia. The Brand Ad Dollars That Are Be Spent to Look Cool Are Rid the New Fads Trends. Rid the Social Hype Now Even Adwords Ads Have a Social Element to Them. Three Other Big Issues That Are Impact the.

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Are Ad Retarget  of Traffic Quality. As a Baseline to Consider How Significantly These Trends Are Impact the Big Portals Are Consider That… Demand Mias Ehow Was Hit by Panda Ehow Remov Pages … Yet Their Quarterly Traffic Was Egypt Phone Number List Roughly Flat Compar to Q Revenue Was Up Year Over Year. In Spite of Hav a Searchfirst Distribution Strategy Gett Hammer by Panda and Remov Tons of Content Demand Mia is Still Grow Far Faster Than Aol or Yahoo Are. Thus It is No Wonder That Yahoo Aol Are Not Highly Valu by the Investment Community. . Ad Retarget Between Contextual Ad Target Ad Retarget.

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Reach Their Audience Without Pay Premium Ad Inventory Rates to Show Up Where They Are Less Relevant. At First I Thought Ad Retarget Would Lift Cpms as Another Ad Channel to Compete for Inventory. For Smaller Sites About Knitt or Brazil Phone Number Celebrity Gossip It Probably Does but for Premium Mia That is Way Overpric It Does the Opposite. At First This Hit Some of the Sorta Blist Sites but Not the Big Portals Then Over Time That Trend Grew and It Eventually Even Consum the Big Portals. Google Took Ad Retarget Mainstream. At First Advertisers Bid Artificially High for This Traffic Bas on Its Perceiv Value but Since.

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