ASEAN prepares to formulate a response

ASEAN is concerned that the WTO’s trade dispute settlement mechanism is not working. After another Appellate Body member’s term expires in December. This leaves only 1 person left to work and cannot yet select a new one. This is because members are calling for WTO reform before preparing to make an appointment to break the deadlock at the Xiom meeting. ASEAN prepares Setting the ASEAN attitude to relieve the crisis, Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director-General of the Department of International Trade Negotiations recently revealed that Thailand, as Chairman of ASEAN, has consulted with the ASEAN Secretariat. And the World Trade Organization (WTO) about organizing an academic seminar on WTO reform.

ASEAN perspectives Currently

ASEAN is concerned about what direction the WTO dispute settlement mechanism will go in the future. After the WTO is still unable to select members of the Appellate Body, which will have 6 vacant positions out of 7. And there will be only one working position left. Within December of this year “It is a matter of concern. Because of the current international trade tensions. In which each country has used many trade protection measures (NTB). Phone Number List Trade measures (NTM). The trade dispute settlement mechanism, which is the heart of the WTO, is about to stop working. Because of the 7 positions of members of the Appeals Organization, 4 of them have expired and another 2 positions will expire in December 2019.

ASEAN economic officials (CEOM)

This leaves only 1 person left to work. Therefore, if a successor cannot be selected, the WTO will not be able to consider any complaints. Because the elements are not enough,” Mrs. Oramon said . ASEAN, as all 10 member countries are also CU Leads WTO members, agreed to raise this matter for further discussion at the meeting of senior that will be held during the period. Early April 2019 to find a common position among ASEAN on WTO reform and to play ASEAN prepares ASEAN’s role in resolving the organization’s crisis. and maintain the importance of the multilateral trading system. WTO principles of free, fair and non-discriminatory trade. “The reason why the Appellate Body members have not yet been selected.

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