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Stable Baseline in Case Someth Changes. a Change to How Google Analytics Tracks Sessions Only a Few Weeks Ago They Also Chang How Image Search is Report Merg It in With Core Search. Either of Those Changes Could at First Make a Webmaster Think That Maybe They Had Recover From the Panda Algorithm When the Only Th That Chang Was an Arbitrary Forc Change by Their Analytic Tool Provider. Many Webmasters Have Complain About the Changes but Cant Force Google to Change Their Ways With a Product That is Provid for Free. Did the Above Site Recover From Panda or Was It a Data Anomaly From Google Chang.

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Tools It is Far Quicker to Know the Answer to That Question. Ok So You Like the Tools Idea but What Tools Should You Use Primary Web Analytics If You Dont Mind Google Ty You to Your Website or Want to Integrate Data That is Only Dominican Republic Phone Number List Available in Google Analytics Then Google Analytics is an Easy Starter Choice. If You Dont Want to Give Your Data Identity to Google Then Clicky is a Great Primary Analytics Tool. If You Love Googles Feature Set but Want to Host Your Own Data They Still Sell the Urchin Software for . It Offers Additional Features Like Logfile Analysis Robot Spider Reports Individual Visitor Drilldown Server Errors Works on Intranets and So on.

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End Providers Like Omniture but I Havent Really Play Much With Them as Most of Our Sites Tend to Be Affiliate Sites. If You Do Have a Complete Customer Loop on Your Site a Signup Process Then Services Like Kissmetrics Clicktale Further Allow Australia Phone Number You to Dive in on How Individual Users Use Your Website. Backup Web Analytics My General Goals Preference With a Backup Analytics Tool Are Light Weight Doesnt Use Significant Server Resources Low Cost Provide a General Overview Baseline to Compare Primary Analytics Against Offers Realtime Data as Some of the Primary Analytics Tools Have a Delay to Them Hav Realtime Data Allows You to.

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